About Acorn Garden Design

"He who plants a garden, plants happiness" ancient chinese proverb

Design Director, Wayne Richards, answers some frequently asked questions.

Why should I use a designer ? "The design is the most important part of the garden. You wouldn`t build a house without architects plans or fit a kitchen without measuring up and choosing the appliances. It`s the same with a garden.

One of our key roles as designers is to make clients aware of the possibilities available. Sometimes people do not have a clear vision of what they want or what is achievable and this is an area where we can help."

Why should I pay for a drawing ? "It doesn`t matter how much you spend on plants and materials, it simply won`t cover up a poor design.

The design fees tend to work out at around 5% to 10% of the overall project cost. The main cost drivers are materials and labour. A good design will ensure that money isn`t spend unecessarily. Likewise, a tree that looks good in the garden centre might not do so after a few months in your garden.

Spending time getting the design right is worthwhile. Changes in the design phase are inexpensive but making alterations once the build has started can soon prove very costly.

Finally, there`s no doubt that a well designed garden adds value to a property. So for these reasons I would view the design as an investment rather than an expenditure."

Why should I use you ? - "Acorn Garden Design is an award winning independent design studio, which means we are not tied into a specific supplier or nursery. This gives us the freedom to provide a truly bespoke service for our clients.

Our aim is to provide you with a friendly professional service whatever your requirements. We pride ourselves on our work and strive to ensure that you get a garden that exceeds your expectations.

Our staff are fully qualified designers and trained horticulturalists. This ensures that our designs are both creative and practical.We work with gardens of all shapes and sizes and treat all projects with the care and attention you would expect."

Wayne teaches Garden Design at the Berkshire College of Agriculture and also offers individual and group tuition. Email or call for details.

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